2011 starts in a roar

Ian will be in Cannes, France to showcase at MIDEM in two Canadian Blast events to be held on January 25th. 2 showcases. A 20-min set in the daytime at 2PM in the congress hall (Le Palais) and one 40-min set in the evening at 8PM at Morrisson's Pub. Ian is one of 5 artists selected by CIMA to participate in this Canadian Blast, along with Maylee Todd, Jill Barber, Saidah Baba Talibah and Art Of Fresh. As soon as he gets back, Ian will be heading to Quebec City to take part in the 1st Winter Summit put together by the David Suzuki Foundation. Ian will be performing at the Gala Dinner held in honour of Dr. Suzuki's 75th birthday. Last but not least, Ian's 3rd album is coming. It will be May. Tracking should be done this week before the departure for Midem on Sunday.