Billy Idol's classic White Wedding revisited by Ian Kelly

Six years ago, students approached the singer-songwriter and asked him to do a remake of Billy Idol's classic White Wedding for their film project. When he was done, he liked the result but didn't want to include on his upcoming album - which became Speak Your Mind -  because he wanted to concentrate on his original material first and foremost. Nevertheless, he had this "Kellyfied" version in his iTunes and it kept popping up when shuffling with his library. Whenever that happened, Ian always thought it wasn't bad. The band in the van also liked it. They finally decided to record it and Ian  added it to his latest album, Diamonds & Plastic, released in May 2011.

The Diamonds & Plastic tour continues. Ian and his band are hitting the road today onto Gaspésie for shows in Chandler, Carleton and Gaspé and then on to Brossard on March 29th at L'Étoile du Quartier Dix30. Kelly's first show in this venue will come right after his participation at the 26th edition of the infamous South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas. Ian will perform at 11PM on March 15th at The Spill Bar in the official Montreal International Jazz Fest showcase alongside Ariane Moffatt,, Krista Muir, Karim Ouellet and Dance Laury Dance . This showcase, and many more, are presented under the Planète Quebec banner put together by SODEC and the Ministère de la Culture et des communications du Québec .