Philémon Chante - Album de la semaine

Les Sessions Cubaines de Philémon Chante a reçu un très bel honneur cette semaine en étant choisit "Album de la semaine" par le site Bandcamp!

"There’s a timeless approach to melodic form here, delivered with a sad sense of resignation and unrequited love. But there’s also a self-deprecating humor, a childlike naïveté, and a sophistication to the songs of Philémon, and the Cuban setting offers the perfect space for these elements to develop into something magic.

Whether you understand French is irrelevant, as the emotional heft of this album transcends barriers of language. Yet this is not at all a sentimental record. This is simply emotion, raw and unrefined. Experiencing it may make you yearn to be as heartbroken as Philémon, if only you too could express yourself so beautifully." -Andrew Dubber, Bandcamp

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