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Jason Bajada

Jason Bajada

Loveshit II (Blondie & the Backstabberz)
01 septembre 2017
Loveshit II (Blondie & the Backstabberz)

1 A Collision

2 Pouring Hard

3 Blondie

4 Painkiller

5 Believe in Cake

6 Jojo

7 Little Yellow Heart

8 Back Alley

9 Let's Go To The Airport

10 A Collision (reprise)

11 In What World Do You Savages Live Where You Thought I'd Be Cool?

12 Backstab Me

13 Draw a Line

14 Help Me Feel Nothing At All

15 Sandman

16 Time Enough For Him

17 What's Worse

18 You Had Me At 'I'm Gonna Ruin Your Life'

19 The Worst Year of My Life

20 Final Breath

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